Client Information

If my back pain is one week old, how many sessions would it be?
A brand new injury can be healed within one or two sessions.

If I have pain over a month, how long would that session be?
An injury that occurred in the last 3-5 weeks will require anywhere between 4-5 sessions. About a session for every week the injury is old.

If I am in pain more than a month?
Any injury over one month old may be considered chronic, in which case it can take up to 10 sessions to heal.

How would I feel after a session?
Just like you would after a workout, sore. The better shape you’re in, the less sore you would be.

How long does it take before recovery?
Depending on the injury. You will start to recover about half way through your treatment.

How long before I can get back to my everyday activities?
This will vary, as well. If the injury is chronic, you can expect to begin back to normal within the first 3-5 sessions.

Are supplements required?
They are not required, per se, but supplements are highly recommended during treatment. The normal regiment is magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, and fish oil. B-complex can also be added depending on the injury or symptoms.

How often do I comeback for each session?
Treatment is twice a week.

If I am pregnant, can I get a massage?
Depends how far you are with your pregnancy, and also how well you are taking your pregnancy.

When will I notice a difference?
You should notice a slight difference as soon as you recover after each sessions. Recovery from each session typically takes two days.

Do you work with insurance?
No, we do not work with insurance at this time.