Sciatic Pain

Get free of sciatic pain

Prevent & Fix treats sciatic pain in Scottsdale, AZ. Sciatic pain, also referred to as sciatica or sciatica pain, is not a diagnosis but rather a set of symptoms. The pain is caused by compression or irritation of a spinal nerve root giving rise to one or both sciatic nerves extending into each leg. Patients commonly self-diagnose it as lower back pain, when in fact it goes beyond this. The symptoms include leg pain and possibly tingling or numbness that originates in the lower back and travels down the buttocks and back of the legs, and, typically, the symptoms are felt on one side of the body.

Sciatic pain is a compression of the muscles. Merely adjusting the spine and legs only aggravates the issue. Rather, Grigor works to find the root cause of the pain affecting the sciatic nerve. Deep tissue therapy is extremely effective in relieving the pain and numbness due to the direct work done right at the nerve/muscular level. This alleviates the muscle inflammation by relaxing and loosening up the muscle. This kind of therapy also acts to relieve the pressure put in the muscles or bones.

With doctors, they treat sciatic pain with drugs; however with this kind of pain, drugs just don’t work. Along with the innovative muscle therapy, Grigor also puts clients on a vitamin regiment, including B-complex to supplement nerve relief in this case. Call Grigor and get rid of your pain and discomfort today.