Back Pain

Back pain is one of the common pain complaints of people in Phoenix. It is the most neglected part of our body and gets some of the most ware and tear.

Severe back pain

There are different degrees of back pain depending on how long the pain has persisted and left untreated with the same daily routines. However, severe back pain is an extreme degree that is unfortunately all too common. It can be caused by a high stress level, inflammation of the back muscles, toxin build up and/or scar tissue.

A healthy muscle is that which can fully relax, is strong and has normal blood circulation. When environmental pollutants, drinking, smoking, drugs, emotional stress, or inadequate stretching are factors in a person’s life, they lead to the blocking of blood circulation to the muscles, which eventually results in pain and ultimately injury, in this case pain in the back and back injury.

Severe Lower Back Pain

The lower back is the other half of a person’s core. Many neglect to strengthen this area properly and, thus, it is especially prone to pain and injury.

In the treatment of back pain, Grigor takes each session to first activate the muscles through massage. He then locates any additional areas of the body which may by putting unnecessary stress on the upper and lower back. Grigor applies deep tissue therapy to the back and other areas in order to fix the back problem and rejuvenate the muscles back to a healthy status.