Hear and read the amazing breakthroughts in pain that Prevent & Fix clients are having:

Dr. Brian Grow from The Joint in Scottsdale comments on Grigor's work and the incredible results his clients have seen after receiving treatment from Prevent & Fix.
Meghan shares her tragic car accident which affected her quality of life in the form of debilitatinglower back, hip and knee pain. Other treatments worked to a certain degree but never fully erased the pain. After only her seventh session with Grigor, she is able to sit down without pain and many other physical movements and activities that were not possible before.
Vince Defranko shares how his back pain debilitated him from walking for even short periods of time. After seeing Grigor, he has been able to go on walks with his wife again, golf and do other physical activities impossible before treatment.
Emily talks about the pain that accumulated in her hands, wrists and shoulders which hindered her from her profession. After only the third session, she already felt an improvement and has been restored back to full mobility.
Perry Emerett talks about the back pain he has had ever since he was 20 years old and what seeing Grigor did for him.

I was experiencing severe knee pain and I was unable to walk up staires . after just four deep tissue massages I was able to walk upstairs and my knee pain was gone. I know if I had gone to the doctor , I would have been put on pain medication , had x-rays and possibly been schedule for surgeries . instead I took a less invasion more natural approach to my knee pain.

Lori RN

I would like to take the time to express my appreciation for the therapeutic help that Grigor Oganyan has given me. I was getting chiropractic treatments Nd physical therapy for several years for chronic lower back pain and sciaic pain. this past June my body stopped responding to chiropractic treatments and began a process of shutting down by shooting fiery pain down my leg and preventing me from walking other activities . a family friend recommended grigor to me and after several sessions and my due diligence my pain is gone an I'm even playing golf again . Irecommend grigor services to anyone who needs it and I can't thank him enough for fixing my problem.

Vince Defranco

I first came to grigor for sciatic nerve pain. after couple of sessions my pain was relieved and I was able to get back to my workouts . he is very caring and concerned about your well being. grigor is great.

Heather Cole

I went to Grigor to see what he could do for my low back and left hip pain after
a fall. I was not able to walk, work out or do my Pilates anymore. I started
with 2 sessions per week and at the end of the first month I had improved
significantly. I am now able to do everything pain free including weight
training and my Pilates. I continue to see Grigor once a week for continued
muscle and joint health. He has done wonders for me and I highly recommend him.


I've been having grigor practice massage therapy on me for over the past 9 years . For the past year 15 years of pain and when I have suffered with severe pains and when I tried to have a massage , other therapist could not even touch my back because of the painful triggor points . Grigor has given me my life back . I have been living my life day by day pain free thanks to grigor oganyan . I trust him do much that he has worked on my whole family .my kids sports injuries , my husband and mother in law who was visiting out of town . After only working 20 min on my mother in law on her she was cured of pain that she had suffered with for years . She was so happy she called long distance to make sure I thanked grigor . At the age of 14 , over 30 years ago, I was diagnosed with scoliosis (upper and lower back) massage therapy with grigor has straightened my back. I give my highest recommendation -

Jill Roberts

Grigor, thank you for helping me recuperate from the left arm injury I sustained while skiing. I had undergone over 3 months of physical therapy without feeling any continued improvement in the range of motion of my arm or the pain when I used my arm. I had seen the orthopedic surgeon that was saying that my only other alternative was surgery when, recommended by Rita, I went to see you and took advantage of your 10 session package. I saw so much improvement by the 7th session that I ended up sharing some sessions with my daughter. My arm is back to a normal range of motion, the pain is gone. I really appreciate your knowledge, dedication and care.


I have had several injuries with my back . I have seen chriopractors and other therapists for many years. when i met Grigor oganyan i was skeptical . After the first session, i was amazed at the changes that treatment were occuring. In 48 hours i felt the pain was going away and my flexiability was what my body was like 20 years ago. There is no need for other therapies because my body is pain free and i feel like a million bucks. I wil continue to see grigor for maintance . There is no one like him.

Nancey Peterson

I was experiencing constant pain in my low back area and legs . After having an Mri that showed spinal stenosis to be the probable cause i was told that surgery was the only way to get relief. I wanted to explore all possible natural ways to treat this condition. I wanted to explore all possible natural ways to treat this condition. A friend referred me to Grigor Oganyan for therapy. After just two treatments i was able to walk and sleep without pain . To ensure that the muscle and skeletal adjustments that Grigor made became permanent, we continued with weekly therapy until body accepted its new alignment. I found that not only did i avoid the dreaded surgery, but now my whole body has renewed energy and stamina.

Janet Wegmiller

Over the past few years, I have been a patient of Grigor Oganyan , the owner of Prevent&Fix. I am older and had several different muscular dysfunctions. Grigor first helped me with chronic sciatic pain i had developed over thirty years of playing basketball. With monthly tune -up visits i have been pain free. The second issue he addressed was an old shoulder injury i had from water skiing. After some escalated visits, twice a week, he was once again escalated the treatment for a month and went back to the monthly tune ups. The third disorder was headaches and once again he escalated the treatment for a month and went back to my monthly tune-ups. I am now pain free and able to rough house with my four year old son. His help has been invaluable to me.

Bob Mcmenamy

Several months ago , I injured my shoulder while pursuing my hobby of team roping.
My good friend Roberto referred me to Grigor Oganyan to repair my shoulder so that
i can return to my sport. After a series of sessions with Grigor Oganyan,my shoulder is
back to normal and iam back to roping thank you.

Dan Kourkoumelis