Treatment for Concussion

Concussion treatment prevents future damage to the head and brain.

Prevent & Fix treats concussions in Scottsdale, AZ to prevent any brain damage or memory loss. A concussion is a closed-head type of injury; however it is not life-threatening due to no internal bleeding under the skull. There are two types of concussions: mild and severe. A mild concussion involves a blow to the head that may result in a moment of feeling “dazed” or a brief moment of loss of consciousness. A severe concussion involves a blow to the head that may result in prolonged loss of consciousness with a slower return to normal.

Concussions are very common in sports injuries, especially among athletes in football, basketball and other contact sports. Upon experience of the head trauma, review these symptoms and situations for the best course of action. Once your doctor has examined the concussion, ice any swelling of the head and then call Grigor. If concussions are continually left untreated, they can cause serious brain damage and memory loss.

Since head trauma also affects the neck and spine, concussion treatment at Prevent & Fix in Scottsdale involves relieving the muscle inflammation and irritated nerves. Along with icing treatment and a vitamin regiment, these will quickly put the person or athlete back to their normal routines with a speedy recuperation time.