Groin Strain Treatment

Groin injury and treatment

A groin strain is a tear or rupture to any of the adductor muscles. These set of muscles pull, or “abduct,” the legs back towards the midline. They are used primarily when walking for balance, but they are also used in activities such as sprinting, soccer, horse riding, or any sport which requires fast changes in direction. Likewise, football players, runners and bicyclists commonly experience groin strains, among other professional athletes. One way to provoke a groin strain is rapid movements of the leg against resistance, such as kicking a ball. A thorough warm-up before exercise or sports activity is required to prevent a groin strain.

Grigor in Scottsdale works to treat the groin strain by to gradually working out inflammation in the adductor muscles, inactivity for a period of time, and a vitamin regiment to speed up the healing process. Corrective treatment of a groin strain is crucial in preventing further injury or adductor tendinopathy. Deep tissue therapy treats the groin strain and allows it to heal, strengthening the adductor muscles and the surrounding muscles.