Therapy Techniques

A holistic and innovative approach to injury therapy

Prevent & Fix is a muscular therapy institute, specializing in chronic and sports injuries utilizing deep tissue therapy techniques. By definition, therapy is treatment on the body intended to relieve or heal a disorder, which makes a distinction between therapists and doctors. Grigor is a deep muscle therapist using full-body massage therapy, skeletal alignment and reflexology to relieve and fix body injuries, but unlike a doctor, he does not prescribe drugs or perform surgeries.

There is also a distinction between chiropractors and the work Grigor does. Chiropractors adjust the spine and hips, which is very important in bringing flexibility back to bones and joints, as well as preventing a fused spine, pinched nerves, etc. Instead, deep tissue therapy is primarily directed at the muscles. In fact, this kind of therapy is a complement to skeletal adjustments from chiropractors. With the renewing of the muscles, a healthy muscle better holds an adjustment in place. Healthy muscles are naturally strong, loose, relaxed and bereft of inflammation.

What makes deep tissue therapy so effective is the fact that it restores circulation back to muscles in the body. Since the immune system uses the blood as a vehicle to rid the body of inflammation and heal itself, with healthy circulation to the muscles, this holistic approach to injury therapy allows the body to actually heal itself, effectively fixing the problems creating pain and discomfort, reducing recovery time, and preventing future injuries.